Session #16 – Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 2:00 p.m.

The party finds and releases Sergeant Fornd from a jail cell. The other three cells are empty. Sergeant Fornd tells the adventurers that he and another five men came up to the mine after some of the miners and townsfolk had disappeared. Their goal was to clear out the caves. Instead, they were ambushed and taken prisoner. He doesn’t know what happened to his companions. At the end of the story, the goblin door opens from the east and in file a line of goblins on the attack. The party puts all but one of them down then ventures eastward to find six men shackled to the wall. They free the men, give them the shoddy weapons taken from the dead goblins and send them on their way out of the caves, led by Sergeant Fornd. Dinsdale has taken one of the goblins captive.

The goblin explains that his leader, “Grishog” was once a great warrior turned king but was recently enslaved by someone he refers to only as the “black orc.” The goblin tells the party that he will tell them where to find Grishog if they let him go. He says that Grishog is to the northwest past “skull crush.” Dinsdale ties a rope around his neck and the goblin leads the party northwestward to a room with a tunnel carved out of the ceiling, stretching 15 feet directly up. At the top, the party sees two pairs of red eyes glowing in the dark. The captive shouts something up in the goblin language. They eyes disappear and the goblin points up. Dareus starts up the passage and is immediately targeted with arrow fire from above. The goblin makes a run for it and pulls his rope loose from Dinsdale’s hand. Thorak manages to crack the goblin on the head as it tries to squeeze past him to freedom. The goblin goes down unconscious but alive.

The party leaves the goblin there, slays the two goblins at the top of the passage and finds a secret door out of the chamber up there. A small bell chimes when the secret door is opened. At the end of the hall beyond, the heroes arrive at a 60’ by 50’ room. The floor is covered with 10’ by 10’ squares filled with runes. The room is pitch black but with Arrakes’s light source, the party can see that the shadowy ceiling is bumpy. Dinsdale takes a wary step into the room and immediately, a 10’ by 10’ cube of solid rock falls from the ceiling. Dinsdale takes a step back into the hallway, barely avoiding the crushing blow. It soon becomes clear that this room is a death trap. Each time a new runed square is entered, another block plummets from above. Dinsdale makes a run for it and crosses the room to another passageway beyond, sustaining minimal damage. On the other side, Dinsdale finds a secret door, opens it and is immediately assailed by an angry set of goblins beyond. These goblins seem tough. They climb the walls and throw acid flasks and fire bombs. Dinsdale sustains a number of wounds before Dareus darts through the trap and joins the battle. All the while, the party can hear hoots and hollers emanating from the long south wall of the large chamber. The session ends mid-combat at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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Session #15 – Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 11:30 a.m.

The party gathers its wits at the edge of the flooded room. Thorak and Dareus cram themselves into the small hanging cage and push the lever to its forward position. The cage begins to move eastward, over the water. Dinsdale relieves himself into the water, but in doing so, seems to awaken some sickly pale monstrosity below, which surfaces momentarily to show its discolored flesh. As the cage reaches the midway point over the black water, it suddenly jerks to a halt. The swinging cage is instantly beset by arrows and stones from the north and south corridors. A trapdoor in the ceiling opens and the party watches in horror as the hooked tip of a long pole extends from the opening and is guided toward a release mechanism on the cage. If tripped, the cage will certainly fall into the water and drown the prisoners locked within. Battle ensues with Dinsdale and others shooting arrows at the goblins to the north and south. Dead goblins fall into the murky water below and are taken by the jagged jaws of an enormous albino eel.

Arrakes casts a flaming sphere spell into the area above the cage, burning several goblins to their death, and causing a few to fall lifeless into the water below, bumping the cage on their way and causing the supporting cable’s bolts on the far side of the water to come partway out of the wall. Dinsdale makes several attempts to catch the cage with his grappling hook, but is unable to pull the mechanism back. Dareus fumbles with the lock on the cage door. Freeing himself, he climbs up onto the top of the cage and hoists himself up into the hidden chamber above. Thorak tries the same maneuver, but falls unceremoniously into the water below. Thorak relies on his ring of water breathing and begins to walk along the floor of the stagnant pool. Dinsdale pulls Thorak out of the water on the west end of the water. Meanwhile, the goblins now dealt with, Dareus does his best to secure the cable’s slipping anchor bolts and uses the cage to transport him to the east side. Dinsdale follows suit. They find a cryptic message, presumably in the goblin tongue, carved in the wall, east of the water.

The duo ventures beyond to find a natural cave opening onto a wide, fast moving underground river. Returning toward their comrades on the west side of the water, Dinsdale and Dareus change course and use their acrobatic skills to swing from the cable into the south passageway. Believing this way will meet up with one of the unexplored passageways they spotted a couple hours earlier, the party agrees to split. Dareus and Dinsdale will proceed southward and the others will backtrack and move up the previously unexplored hallway. Moving to the southwest, Dareus finds a door beyond which emanate the sounds of rambunctious goblins. He opens the door and is immediately engaged by a roomful of angry goblins.

Meanwhile, the others approach that room from the south and find that the only way into the room from their vantage point would be through arrow slits on the room’s south wall or through murder holes through the floor of the room, which are exposed to the space beneath. The goblins release a small army of poisonous giant centipedes that fall through the murder holes and charge Thorak, Oriseus and Arakkes. Battle ensues. Oriseus cleverly uses a sleep spell that helps the heroes prevail. The party climbs up into the goblin chamber then moves deeper into the goblin’s secret cave system. Passing a storeroom of food and drink, the party reaches a four way intersection. To the right, they see what is likely a prison cell block. To the left is a closed goblin door. Ahead, the passage continues a span then turns right. The session ends at 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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Session #14 – Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 8:30 a.m.

Goblin drums beat menacingly throughout the roughly cut corridors. The party sends scouts out in every direction to survey the options. One path leads to a wide hallway marked with a pit in its center. One leads to a set of stairs leading down. Another is bordered by a 10’ by 40’ water pit. While investigating the waterway, Dinsdale finds himself the target of at least eight arrows shooting from the wall on the other side of the pool. He is nearly killed by the time he is able to make his way back to the party. The group ducks through a goblin door and heads down another hallway. At its end, there is another “T” intersection. To the left, a narrow hallway stretches some 50 feet. At the end of the hallway, a goblin peers at Brother Dareus from around the corner. The party throws daggers and shoots arrows, to little effect. The goblin neither advances or retreats, staring back defiantly. Finally, Dareus charges down the hallway disregarding his own suspicion of a trap. Oddly, no trap is triggered and Dareus dispatches the goblin easily.

Around the corner, the hallway leads to a set of double doors. The floor of the hallway is coated with some sort of oil. Dareus struggles to keep his footing and ultimately retreats. The party chooses the other wing of the “T” intersection, passing to the entrance to a large room with stones in the center. The heroes send Dinsdale in to investigate and search for traps. As the half orc reaches the center of the room, while scanning the floor and walls for danger, his gaze turns upwards and at that same moment, the ceiling collapses around him and suddenly the way forward and back are blocked by falling, iron gates covered with a concealing painted canvass. On either side, a newly revealed ledge, appears 10’ above. On it stands a hoard of goblins, bows readied and aimed directly at him. Dinsdale lets out an involuntary yelp. Meanwhile, the rest of the party is locked out of the room and although they can hear Dinsdale, they cannot see what is happening within the chamber. Dinsdale bolts to the way back and desperately tries to open the gate, knowing that failure will mean his certain death. Likewise, the others hastily press against the gate in an attempt to force it back.

Arrows strike Dinsdale and the stone wall and floor around him. Ultimately, with a massive push, Dareus is able to move the gate, locking it open with a dagger. In a fluid movement, Dareus grabs the ailing Dinsdale and pulls him to safety as a flurry of arrows bounces off the stone behind him. At that moment, a goblin fighting force attacks from behind in the corridor. Melee ensues, during which the party hears the grinding of gears from beyond the iron gate and sees the obstruction begin its ascent. Besieged from every direction and enduring an onslaught of arrows, stones, swords and makeshift bombs fashioned of explosives and acid, the heroes ultimately prevail but not before huge fires are set to the south, barring their retreat from the complex. The adventurers scale the walls of the ambush room to reach the ledge. From there, a passage leads due east to another similarly sized room. The floor of this room is missing and the remaining, fleeing goblins climb their way along the walls to another passage on the north side of the room. Fifteen feet below rests the glassy black surface of stagnant water.

A cable spans the room and reaches another passage on the far-east side. In addition, there are passages leading out of the room in the north and south walls. From the high cable hangs an iron cage with a door. The cage is obviously engineered to serve as a sort of gondola. The session ends at 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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Session #13 – Wednesday, September 16, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 6:00 p.m.

The winged creatures descend in a flurry of biting attacks. Landing on the heroes’ shoulders and piercing their flesh with pointed proboscises, the monsters gradually suck life out of the adventurers. Distracted by their assailants, the heroes barely notice that the sand around their feet begins to move. Forming into erect, snake-like creatures, the sand viciously assaults the party from below. Oriseus casts a blanket of sleep on the party’s flying aggressors and all but one of the stirges plummet to the stone floor in a slumber. Brother Dareus absorbs blow after blow until finally falling himself. Ultimately, the monsters are defeated and Dareus is revived. The party gathers its wits and realizes that an unconscious dwarf outfitted in chainmail lies at their feet. After a short discussion, Arrakes heals the dwarf’s wounds. It turns out that the dwarf is a paladin of Moradin, albeit a relatively inexperienced one, who haplessly found his way into the chamber alone to face the flock of stirges. The group agrees to allow him to join, at least for the time being.

The statue in the center of the room holds a metal scroll case that contains a scroll of three divine spells. Arrakes tucks the case and the scroll into his pack. Dinsdale finds a pile of rubble indicating a cave-in to the south. On the floor emerging from the broken stone is an arm ending in a gauntleted hand. Removing the gauntlet, Dinsdale finds a ring bearing runes of unknown origin that glow faintly with green light. He palms the ring, but is ultimately found out and the ring is given to the party’s newest member. The gauntlet too is taken by the dwarf who, despite a lifetime of basic metallurgical learning, is unable to identify its kind. The group takes a long rest and the ring is identified as a ring of water breathing. The party moves out of the room and to the north where it is beset by a flood trap that nearly sweeps them up and forces them down an oversized drain. After waiting for the water to subside and dodging crossbow bolts that fly from some sort of hidden arrow slit, the party rejoins Brother Dareus on the north side of the flood trap to find two freshly killed goblins at his feet. The session ends at 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, September 17, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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Session #12 – Tuesday, September 15, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 8:30 p.m.

Exhausted, the party drifts off to sleep, waking the next morning somewhat refreshed and ready to complete their journey to Tallow’s Post. In the clear light of the morning, they can see the small town off in the distance. They send Dinsdale ahead to determine whether the town has been overrun by goblins. He returns to report that the coast looks clear. The adventurers enter the town and immediately find the “Silver Vein Inn,” which also appears to be called “Tallow’s Inn.” Inside, they meet Grundel Tallow, an honest looking man who claimed to be the builder of the town. His adolescent assistant, Cullum, rushes to and fro catering to the party’s needs. Tallow explains that he needs some mercenaries to clear out his silver mine, which is located about a mile from town on the lower mountainside. He offers to put the party up at the inn, food and drink included, to provide healing services, a few healing potions and to pay the adventurers the gross sum of 1,000 gold pieces if they clear the mines out. The party accepts.

After leaving some of their travelling gear in their rooms, being restored to their full health and eating a hearty lunch, the heroes waste no time in embarking for the mine. Along the way, they are ambushed by a group of goblins who appear to be controlling a pack of wolves. Oriseus is grappled by a net and spears fly out of the trees on either side of the party. Dareus is attacked by a group of wolves and two dire wolves charge out of the brush. Then, when things start to look really bad for our heroes, Arrakes digs deep and throws holy fire down onto the assailants, killing half of them and sending the other half running wildly into the trees, still burning. And, in an amazing parting strike, Dinsdale shoots an arrow cleanly through one of the fleeing dire wolf’s head, killing it instantly.

The party presses onward to the mine. After prying off some crudely attached boards, the group enters the mine to find evidence of goblin occupation and warning signs obviously left to frighten off any would be invaders. Dinsdale discovers a somewhat shoddily constructed hidden door into a narrow, low passageway. The group ducks their heads and ventures in. Out in front, Dinsdale continually searches for more traps, ultimately finding a covered pit in which a shrieking mushroom unleashes a horrible screech. A heavy portcullis falls nearby. The party finds it and passes into the goblin stronghold. After winding its way through a heavily trapped hallway and triggering a loud drum alarm, the party now hears the beat of distant drums echoing through the passages around them. A short time later, the heroes come into a small room with a goblin door bearing some indecipherable scratches. Passing through, the group happens upon a strange, ancient temple with a statue of an alien humanoid with three fingers. At its base, they see the desiccated corpse of a goblin. The session ends at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, September 16, 1372 (DR) Third Age when the adventurers are beset by a descending cloud of flying, bat-like creatures, each with a long stinger for a nose.

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Session #11 – Monday, September 14, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 10:30 p.m.

The party nods off to sleep, keeping an uneasy watch. The group is visited by an unidentified humanoid shrouded in the night’s shadow who darts off into the darkness when discovered at the very edge of the camp. The party awakes and travel continues throughout the day. Eventually, they reach the edge of the forest. There from the cover of the trees, they watch as a small group of huge humanoids travel from west to east across their path. When they feel it is safe to do so, the adventurers abandon the forest to head south toward the river and Dinanean Pass. As they do, they look back to see a man standing at the forest’s tree line off in the distance watching them go. The man turns back into the forest not to be seen again. The party continues on, and near the end of the day, they discover a road running parallel to the river.

They head eastward and are met by a wagon and a group of travelers. They introduce themselves and in a short conversation learn that to the east, if the party continues their current course, they are likely to run into a place called “Tallow’s Post.” According to the travelers, the small town has been overrun by goblins and is in need of assistance. The travelers are leaving for this reason. The travelers take a defensive posture and let the heroes pass by. Just after the sun has set, the group sees a torch flare to life maybe a hundred feet down the road. The group scrambles to take cover in the bushes that dot the roadside. Seven ogres make their way west to meet the group and as they are passing, Dareus accidentally loses his balance in the bushes and makes a loud sound. Through magical efforts, the heroes try to fool the ogres into proceeding down the road but ultimately, the ogres realize they are surrounded and attack. Four ogres are killed and the other three walk away back from where they came. Arrakes goes down, but is stabilized. The session ends at 8:30 p.m., on Tuesday, September 15, 1372 (DR) Third Age with the party wondering what the ogre leader meant when he told the others that they “knew damn well they had to get to the mountains” that night.

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Session #10 – Sunday, September 13, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 7:30 a.m.

The party awakes at dawn. Kermit, the shaman leader of the croakerkin frogmen returns to the wood working shop. He gives the party a map of the Old Empires showing the heroes’ present location, their destination and the various obstacles between. He explains that travel through the Methwood is difficult and likely to place the party in contact with chimeras, small elf tribes, druidic ruins, and possibly an old green dragon that lives there by the name of Skuthosiin. He says there also may be the ruins of a lost ancient Turami city. The Smoking Mountains, he explains, contain numerous active volcanoes, the threat of an ancient red dragon called Guyanothaz (thought to be sleeping), pyrohydras, salamanders and the hated Orghan barbarian tribes.

The Black Ash Plains are filled with rocky, hilly terrain inhabited by brown dragons and ash giants. The land between the Methwood and the Smoking Mountains is a highway for brigands, smugglers and other nefarious characters assisting the Untheric underground rebellion against the armies of Mulhorand. Finally, the plains south and west of the Smoking Mountains and the Black Ash Plains are known locally as the “Wildlands.” This completely uninhabited region is home to any number of dangerous creatures. No one travels there if at all possible. After discussion, the party decides to take Denanian Pass through the mountains and skirt their way around the western edge of the Black Ash Plains to the River Alamber and then either further east to the Road of Dust or north then east directly into the southern Green Lands.

The first two days of travel are relatively uneventful. At nightfall on day two of the journey, however, the party camps in a large clearing and are beset by three hungry and aggressive giant boars. Thymae appears with a dire bear and the two groups enter into battle. The boars are slain with relative ease. However, just as the last boar is killed, the party is attacked by slavers. Again, the heroes are victorious in battle without casualties, but one of the slavers is allowed to escape. Another is captured and interrogated. Arrakes leans in and with a terrifying growl intimidates the bandit into revealing information about his band. Apparently, there is bandit/slaver camp located to the southwest of the party’s current location – about a 20 minute walk. There, the bandit leader, “Adkin Thordmadra,” makes his home. The adventurer’s captive appears weathered and jaded. He asks simply, “are you going to kill me?” Dareus does, but not before the prisoner says, “Adkin Thordmadra is probably going to kill you all. He won’t let his men die without retribution.” The party moves their camp away from the carnage of their recent battles to the south east, just into the trees. They settle in warily, hoping to get some rest. The session ends on Monday, September 14, 1372 (DR) Third Age at 10:30 p.m.

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Session #9 – Saturday, September 12, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 3:30 p.m.

Dinsdale and Dareus remember that they had stashed some of the treasure they had taken from Zelligar’s fortress upstairs in their rooms at the inn. Searching the debris of the inn’s wreckage, they discover a pile of destroyed paintings, tapestries, jewelry and plate armor. They also discover a smashed chest with gold and platinum coins scattered about in the muck. Collecting and cleaning the coins takes them until dusk, when they decide to return to the mayor’s house to check on him and to design a plan for weathering the night. On the road, they encounter a woman who appeared to be in a quasi-state of undead. She kneels before them, repeating the words, “there is no escape.” The heroes try dousing her in the Emerald Lake to no apparent effect. She hears the party talking about killing her to “put her soul at rest,” but she responds with, “death is no escape.” In an expression of compassion, the group “kills” the woman, builds a fire and burns her corpse. In the process of doing so, they realize that the sun has set.

Oriseus, the designated watch, alerts the party that there are undead creatures approaching. As the party turns to escape through a covered bridge and to head towards the mayor’s house, they are surprised to see a small army of two-foot-tall frog-men emerging from the lake. They run right past the adventurers and attack the undead, creating both a diversion and a path to safety for the heroes. As the party passes through the covered bridge, they are met by two spear wielding frog-men who escort them to the mayoral mansion. Once there, the mayor leads them to the woodworking shop nearby. They enter and lock the door. Their frog-men sentinels appear to stay and guard the door behind them. Hours pass as the party listens to distant sounds of groaning, croaking and battle. At length, there is a knock at the door. Oriseus finds his way to the roof and looks down on the front stoop. He spots what appears to be a frog-man leader of sorts. The party allows him entrance to the barn.

The shaman-chief leads his assistant onto a table, and casts a spell. Then, in a croaking voice that is barely intelligible, he relates an impassioned plea. He indicates that his lord – the dragon that lies at the bottom of the lake who is dead and yet lives – implores the party to seek out the “Heart of Dragonkind,” an artifact of power needed to restore Lixandthiar’s life to him. With the magic of this artifact, he explains, Lixandthiar will have the strength needed to defeat Malebranche and to free the area from his foul and destructive control. He explains that the Heart of Dragonkind is a living, thinking entity of unknown powers that rests in the lost city of Xak Tsaroth. Finally, he states that Xak Tsaroth lies at the bottom of a fissure in the earth in a location lost to history. The party agrees to help and makes plans to leave at first light. The shaman promises to keep the party safe through the night so that they may receive a proper rest. Once the chief has departed, Arrakes explains that during the last “Long Night,” he had passed near Xak Tsaroth in the course of his military duties in the southeastern portion of the Chessenta Basin. He also explains that at that time, Xak Tsaroth was reputed to be a glorious city boasting fine architecture of white marble and gold. Finally, he says, based on his dragon heritage, he has heard of the Heart of Dragonkind and knows that it was an ancient gift from the fey to the dragons before the time of elves and men. He says that according to dragon lore, the Heart of Dragonkind is a piece of an otherworldly rock that plummeted to the ground in the Feywild. During Arrakes’s “time,” the Heart of Dragonkind was considered a symbol of dragon-good revered even by the chromatic dragons. Next, Dareus explains that he recovered a book in Zelligar’s fortress that mentions Xak Tsaroth [found on the Unification website, if you wish to read it]. He reads the passage aloud to the group. Notably, the book mentions the city’s destruction and subsequent inhabitation by “dragonmen.” Possibly, the book speculates, the dragon they worship may also be there – complete with its hoard. The session ends during the party’s long rest at 11:30 p.m.

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Session #8 – Saturday, September 12, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 11:00 a.m.

Oriseus has a moment where he seems distracted by a disturbing thought. Oblivious, Dinsdale opens the converted steam tank. A black, wraith-like specter rises from the opening, pauses, then quickly enters the body of a nearby corpse. The corpse sits up, seemingly confused, then the spirit darts from the corpse to something inside the large, crate-like box resting in the center of the room. The now lifeless body falls back to the experimentation table under it. Seconds pass, then scrapping and muffled groans are heard from inside the crate. The party tips the crate on its side and it flies open. Through the opening crawls an old man, crazed and repeating the words, “the lake, the lake.” The party takes the old man down to the Emerald Lake and Dinsdale throws him in. The heroes watch as life and understanding are restored to the man.

Ultimately, the man introduces himself as “Judge Wilmott,” the acting Mayor of Willow Glen. He invites the group back to his mayoral house on the north side of town. The party arrives there to find the house ransacked. In the back, on the patio, Judge puts some water on a fire for tea and scrounges some food for the party. Dareus and Dinsdale do a little fishing and bring back some lunch. In the course of conversation, the party explains to Judge their experience in finding him. Judge explains a little about the history of the town, including the fact that the ancient remains of a gold dragon by the name of Lixandthiar, or “Lix,” lie at the bottom of Emerald Lake. The remnants of the dragon’s magic, he explains, are responsible for the enchantments about town, including the sentient and regenerative nature of the Weeping Willow Inn.

The adventurers leave Judge to his cooking and return to the Weeping Willow Inn, where they conduct a thorough search. First, the party finds that bodies of the undead creatures they killed the day before are gone and that a large number of creatures had exited through the opening into the bowels of Sheltleth. Second, they find the sleeping chamber of Smitty and Laylee. In their stores, they discover a potion of stone giant strength, a staff shaped like a snake and transparent blue stone cut like a gemstone, but much larger and glasslike – obviously not a gemstone. However, the stone appears to have magical properties. The session ends at 3:30 p.m.

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Session #7 – Friday, September 11, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 9:15 P.M.

Searching the third floor of Choth Funerals, the party discovers a cache of Felthavian Shallowheld’s personal notes and other documents, including a scroll of “Decryption.” The party then explores the upper floor of the first of the building’s two towers. There, they find a large cell housing a mad looking creature that resembles a zombie. At first, the being appears to be under attack from a variety of strange skeletal monsters within the cell. However, when Dinsdale opens the cell door, it becomes apparent that the attack is a ruse designed to gain the zombie creature freedom from the chamber’s confines. The party puts down a few of the skeletal creatures and then locks the cell door. The zombie creature then speaks to them, saying, “Things have changed! The time of the dead has arrived! Soon I will be free of this chamber. You had better hope that I don’t find you!” After heading back down to the third floor, the adventurers take a long rest.

After copying the Decryption spell into his spell book, Talfin discovers a rough translation of Zelligar’s Palimpsest, which he now understands to be titled “Soul Digestion.” Through reading and discussion, the party discovers that Zelligar’s work focused on creating and actualizing a process of trapping a being’s spiritual essence (referred to as the “soul”) at the moment of death and then “digesting” or melding that essence with your own thereby absorbing the digested creature’s power, knowledge and memories. Shallowheld’s notes also reveal his warlock status to his patron deity, Malebranche, and his fiendish plot to betray and consume Malebranche and thus gain his powers. After careful discussion, the party elects to keep the book intact for the moment.

The party completes its long rest at about 9:30 a.m. Outside, there is sunlight and the sound of chirping birds. Dinsdale finds a staircase to the roof. Talfin calls a robin down, talks to it and learns that the “people left,” and that there are “bad people at night.” Exploring the last of the three spiral staircases leading up from the third floor, they discover what appears to be an experimental laboratory. The heroes put down a zombie creature wielding the now familiar power of blue lightning. They also find a variety of equipment and a green glowing steam tank with faint black shadows swirling from inside. Dinsdale reaches to open the tank… The session ends at 11:00 a.m.

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