BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #8 – Tuesday, September 1, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 9:30 A.M.

The party examines the Room of Pools. Drath enjoys a nice bit of red wine and fills his waterskin full. Nailanthe fishes a large brass key out of a pool of what appears to be clear, bubbling acid. The key is washed and given to Nailanthe. Dinsdale finds a secret door on the east wall that leads to a bedroom for someone named Marevak who appears to have been an advisor to the owners of the fortress. The party finds a potion vial marked “Levitation,” which Dinsdale takes. The party takes a short rest in the secret chamber to allow Drath to recover from his drunkeness. The party leaves the Room of Pools at about 11:15 and heads south into the Throne Room. There, the party finds another secret door that leads into Rogahn’s bedroom. Dinsdale opens the west door and finds a worship area, apparently devoted to Malebranche, a horned, winged devil of modest rank on the ninth plane of Hell. Drath and Dareus each pry a red gem (about one inch in diameter) from the eye sockets of the devil statue. From there, the party heads north and Noelle opens a locked door leading to a trophy room. Here the party sees bronze dragon skin, a dwarf skeleton and a temple door carved with the symbol of Moradin among other dubious treasures.

Moving westward, the party finds a stairway leading down. Before descending, however, the party decides to investigate a storage room to the east. Noelle finds a box of woodworking chisels that she gives to Dareus. She also takes a small mallet and saw. The party returns to the stairs and descends into darkness. Coming into a roughly cut, rectangular room, the group finds a door and also a pair of natural cave openings to the south. The party takes the door first, finding an unfinished museum of sorts with a series of frescoes and some artifacts. The party lifts a letter that was apparently given to the owners of the complex thanking them for their assistance in repelling the Orgahn Tribes. Noelle takes the letter. The group then moves into the southwest cave entrance. Passing a short distance, they find themselves in an oblong chamber with a three foot hole in the eastern most floor when in the west, they hear movement. They then detect a horrible smell. The party is soon set upon by a band of reptilian creatures, which they slay, just in time to turn and face a group of giant centipedes crawling up from the three foot hole. Nearly all the creatures are killed (save for one reptilian creature that flees northward) and only Drath is wounded by a centipede bite. The session ends at about 1:00 p.m.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #7 – Monday, August 31, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 8:00 P.M.

The party builds a fire and hunkers down for the night.

The party wakes to a cloudy sky and enters the complex at 7:30 a.m. A small band of goblins is waiting in the alcoves just inside the door. Six goblins are slain. Others retreat deeper into the complex, triggering the magic mouths in the third set of alcoves. The party prepares for a counter attack, but goblin reinforcements do not appear. The few remaining goblins retreat further into darkness. The party advances to the bedroom they left before. The floor is sticky with drying blood and gore, but apparently all of the orc and goblin bodies they had left in the hallway had been dragged out. In the bedroom, Noelle finds a jewelry box containing some nice looking items (noted now on the party sheet) and she also cuts down an expensive looking tapestry (noted on her character sheet). Asklepios finds a secret door on the north wall that takes them to a chamber that appears to be Rogahn’s room, but it has been ransacked.

Exiting that room, Dinsdale listens at a door in the hallway. Hearing some voices arguing in orcish, he attempts to spike the door shut. In doing so, he alerts the inhabitants of the room, who try to break the door down. The party retreats north through another door, but are soon caught by the half-orcs who eventually bash through the south door. Dinsdale attacks and two are slain. The others appear to be adventurers who are also looking for the book, and flee. Asklepios gets the two slain half orcs back on their feet and they flee as well. The session ends with the party having entered the Room of Pools, (which they have begun to inspect) at about 9:30 a.m.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #6 – Monday, August 31, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 12:30 P.M.

The PCs proceed into the south-eastern reaches of the complex. After finding what appeared to be an odd bedroom, the party was attacked from behind by a larger group of goblins, this time, fortified by Orc Marauders. Drath and Dareus were knocked unconscious and Nailanthe was nearly killed. In a move of epic heroism, Nailanth and Dareus both leap to the front line (with one hp each) and protect the rest while the attackers are finally put down. Other orcs and goblins threaten the group in the darkness and retreat to get reinforcements. The party finds a one-way secret door, disables the automatic lock, exits the complex, gathers their horses and buried loot, and finds a new capsite about 1/2 hour walk from the cave entrance with a cliff face in the back and thorn bushes to hold the horses in. They set up camp at 8:00 p.m. when the session ends.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #5 – Sunday, August 30, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 5:30 P.M.

Arin leaves the party. Asklepios and Noelle join. The party camps outside the cave entrance.

In the morning, all PCs drink an antidote. Their treasure is buried and Bitsy and Sapphire released in the woods immediately to the east of the fortress entrance. Asklepios marks a nearby tree. By midmorning, the party enters what they think is Zelligar’s fortress. Upon triggering a pair of magic mouths, the party unwittingly summons a band of goblins that attacks them at the top of the stairs just beyond. Drath and Dareus fall, but are revived. After, the party explores a mess hall, finds a marble statue and kills some giant rats. The session ends at about lunchtime with the party still at the top of the stairs inside the complex.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #4 – Friday, August 28, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 8:30 P.M.

The party has returned to camp. In the first watch, one of the mage hunters is caught in a shrub just beyond the tents. Dinsdale sneaks up on him and kills him where he stands. He buries the body.

The party wakes to a cloudy day and continues their travels southward through the forest. While skirting a swampy patch, Nailanthe happens upon a covered pit trap with sharpened sticks at the bottom. The party takes greater care, moving more slowly. At about 11:00, the party reaches the edge of a large lake and follows the shore southward. At about 4:00, the party leaves the cover of the trees and continues to follow the shore line, whereupon tracks are detected. Following the tracks the party happens upon some sort of battle scene. Nailanthe can detect that there were horses and chaos, blood and at least one body was knocked to the ground and then dragged southward. She takes the party east, away from those tracks. The party camps for the night on the shore. There is a cook fire, but no light is allowed to escape.

The party wakes, having had an uneventful night. Nailanthe takes the party south from the shore to Zelligar’s foothills. After some searching, the party happens upon an old path that appears to have attracted some recent tracks. The party follows the path eastward and upwards into the forested hilltops. The party stops for lunch, at which time, Arin hears some distant but booming voices. The party sneaks to the top of a ridge and about 60 feet away, they see three trolls standing over two human corpses. They let arrows fly and once their position is revealed, the trolls charge. Eventually, and without difficulty, the party kills the trolls. The corpses turn out to be from the group that the party met a few days ago that offered to join parties – a human female fighter and a male dwarf cleric of Moradin. Arin buries the body of the dwarf. At about 4:30 pm, the party has found the entrance to a man-made cave, have positioned themselves just inside the cave entrance and are discussing their next move.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #3 – Friday, August 28, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 4:15 A.M.

The party wakes in the predawn hour to face 6 Giant Bombardier Beetles. The beetles manage to kill Nugget and Nailanthe. Nugget’s corpse is abandoned and Nailanthe is revived. The party continues its travel southward along the riverside, ultimately making camp in the deep forest. At dusk, the party hears voices to the southeast and moves to investigate. The other group turns out to be a band of Luthcheq mage hunters. The party kills the leader and three others, but two manage to escape without weapons. The party finds three mage hunter stones, which they keep.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #2 – Wednesday, August 26, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 6:15 A.M.

The party meets a half elven barbarian and a dwarf cleric who decide to join the party. Travel begins southeastward through the valley. While travelling, the party happens upon a small group of giant ants, which they defeat. At the conclusion of the battle, they meet another adventuring group that offers to join the party. The party refuses, watches them go and then makes camp for the night.

The party wakes to another sunny day. Continuing with their journey south, they happen upon a long patch of what may be quicksand. Nailanthe takes the party wide, to avoid the danger and as they continue, a rocky cliff begins to form on their right. The party notices a strange marking on one of the rocks and climb to investigate. They determine that the rune is a marking of the ancient “Orgahn” barbarian tribe, though its meaning is lost to them. Eventually, the party finds a suitable campsite and beds down for the night.

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BATTLE OF PALE MOON – Session #1 – Tuesday, August 25, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 7:00 P.M.

The Weeping Willow Inn is filled with about 50 people.  Wildor Choth reads his master’s announcement to the group. In the course of a fight outside, in the town square between a paladin and a particularly tough looking half-orc, a new adventuring party is formed. One of this new party, an elven druid, persuades some horses to leave another party’s “employ” and meet up with him the following morning at a designated location outside of town. A disagreement ensues with the horse owners. A gnomish bard reveals this plan to the horse owners and tension ensues. The party members bed down at the inn for the night, planning on leaving on their excursion at dawn.

At dawn, the party is awake and eating breakfast. The owner of the Weeping Willow Inn, Smitty, and his lovely wife, Laylee, sell the party two old tents and two horses. The price is 35 gp plus 1% of all profits from the adventure and the right to buy the horses back for 35 gp. None of the gnomish bard, the human paladin nor the elven druid elect to continue with the party. The party saddles up and take their horses to the edge of town.

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