Session #37 – Thursday, October 1, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 7:00 a.m.

The adventurers awake and take the blue liquid back to the orange fish. Once the liquid is poured into the fish’s head, the door in the western wall of the chamber is opened. The party files west then southward. They come to an antigravity room where water clings to the ceiling. In time, the gravitational orientation is corrected. The heroes pass through another door and series of traps. Eventually, they find their way into a small chamber containing a partially filled basin. Each member of the party activates the basin and experiences an individual vision.

Arrakes Delmirev: 
“As the ripples dissipate, Arrakes sees a vision of himself. In the vision, he stands at what looks to be the edge of a thick, almost prehistoric-looking jungle. Before him is a clearing paved with cracked white stone tiles, overgrown with hearty green vines and weeds. Broken and leaning marble ruins, seemingly torn apart by the motionless jungle, line the edges of the square.

Standing on Arrakes’s shoulder is a six-inch-tall naked, vaguely humanoid creature with red skin, plump belly and forked tail. A pair of short yellowish horns adorns its head. Its face is sharply featured with spiked teeth and black eyes. Smiling, it whispers something to Arrakes.

Facing Arrakes, standing in the center of the clearing, is a blonde haired man clothed in loosely fitting white robes. He wears a golden belt and holds a gleaming longsword.

The three beings stand, appearing to converse with one another in an animated fashion. Suddenly, the blonde haired man’s gaze grows hard and he lifts his shining sword to the sky. Lightening crashes down and engulfs Arrakes in a bright flash. Then the water grows blank.”

Brother Dareus:
“Mists in the water begin to fade and form into a landscape scene. Dareus sees a steep mountainside, covered with green trees, steep cliff faces and boulders. Winding upwards from the neighboring valley is an ancient, dilapidated staircase cut into the natural rock. The staircase is overgrown with wild brush to the point that portions of the causeway appear wholly impassable.

The winding staircase leads upwards to a monastery that clings precariously to the steep rock. Dareus immediately recognizes the structure as his former home, the “House of Erudition.” The structure appears just as he remembers it and Dareus feels the warm sense of reunion. His figure smiles, inhales deeply and starts toward the mountain.

Suddenly, however, he sees a distant plume of grey smoke emanate from the main building. His walk turns to a run. In moments, the smoke turns to open flame, then swiftly to a conflagration that overwhelms the entirety of the structure. Dareus breaks into a sprint.

The narrow streets of the tiny town of Treefall are nearly empty as Dareus rushes through, toward the mountain staircase. From behind a stone wall steps a figure dressed only in black, all but his eyes obscured by ninja’s sashes. The man holds an unsheathed katana. As the figure steps into Dareus’s path, six more black-clad assailants jump from neighboring buildings and appear from behind corners.

The ninjas have armbands stitched with the emblem of a dark red square set on an angle inside a red circle. Dareus instantly recognizes the symbol as that of the Order of the Crushing Palm, which had once been well-respected throughout Toril. Dareus assumes a defensive posture as his attackers approach, weapons raised. The water grows blank.”

Dinsdale Grimbane:
“The misty surface of the water slowly focuses on a grizzly scene. Dinsdale sees himself lying amid a score of corpses, face down and barely breathing. The dead around him appear to be beast creatures or demons of some sort, vaguely humanoid, but covered with coarse black hair.

Oddly, Dinsdale has few apparent wounds. On the ground, near each of his hands is a huge blood soaked dagger. The blades are highly polished and the grips are wound with blue leather. The pommels bear an engraved symbol resembling a bird in flight.

Slowly, Dinsdale seems to regain consciousness. He pushes himself up on one elbow, grimacing as if in agony, and surveys the carnage. Painfully, he twists his neck down and to the right, apparently catching glimpse of the dagger lying there. His fingers pull its hilt to his palm and as he does so, the other dagger appears in his left hand, as if summoned by magic. Using the last of his strength, he sheathes both daggers at his belt and drops his torso back to the ground. His head hits the hard stone and thereafter he is motionless. The vision fades.”

“Oriseus watches as the swirling water calms itself. In its depths, light forms and coalesces into a disturbing picture. A dark haired woman dressed in black leather stands against a bare stone wall in relative darkness. Her hands and feet are chained to the rock. Oriseus instantly recognizes the woman as Eve Nightshade, the Harper agent with whom the party briefly travelled on their way to Ostohar.

Eve looks forward stoically. Approaching is a hooded figure carrying a glowing red poker. He stops with his covered face only inches from hers. They converse. Her brave expression reveals faint elements of fear. She closes her mouth. They stand still in silence.

He speaks again. Eve does not respond. The man grips the iron poker with both hands and thrusts it through her abdomen. Eve appears to yell out and doubles over. The man removes the poker and watches as her strength gives out. Eve’s motionless body hangs by her wrists against the damp wall.

Suddenly, the hooded man turns around to face another man who is standing in the doorway of what seems to be a dungeon chamber. Light spills in from beyond so that only his black silhouette can be seen. The man in the doorway appears to be clad in a leather tunic and on his left hand is a glove covered with a bladed claw. The shadow cast onto the floor is that not of a man, but of a bear. The water grows blank.”

Exiting the small room, the party finds another stone slab door, this one with three holes and three symbols. They backtrack through the dungeon to find a room with a mural of an underwater tree bearing fruit. Oriseus picks one of the fruit and removes it from the mural. In his hand, he holds a self-contained globule of water shaped to look like an apple. After travelling back to the stone slab door, the adventurers discover that the water apple is one of the keys. Having inserted the key, the party travels to the base of the stairs leading up into the ground level tower. The session ends at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 1, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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