Session #39 – Friday, October 2, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 8:30 a.m.

Without warning, Namfoodle simply walks through the flames and apparently crosses the pool.  From the other side, he announces that it is an illusion and that they can walk through.  However, the adventurers each struggle with this information as the flames have every sensation of radiating enormous heat.  Eventually, everyone but Dareus is able to mentally protect themselves from burning and cross.  Dareus makes a brave run for it and is burned as a result.  On the other side, the party comes face to face with two huge roughly humanoid creatures seemingly made only of fire.  The creatures stand as if warding passage further into the hall.  To the right is a door that Namfoodle opens from the other side.  He waves the heroes into a small room.  In the center of the room is a circular table atop which rests a miniature diorama.  The scene depicts what appears to be a huge palace made of brass.  There are miniature figures on the table.  While the pose of each figure is fixed, the pieces themselves appear to move around the surfaces.  Namfoodle begins searching for a secret passage.  Dinsdale lends a hand and a door is indeed found.  Oriseus begins to interrogate Namfoodle, sensing that the gnome is acting strangely.

Namfoodle eventually reveals that a large part of his study has involved the various elemental planes.  In particular, he explains, he has had a longstanding desire to travel to the elemental plane of fire because, as he put it, “there will no doubt be fantastic items for trade.” Dinsdale finds a passage beyond the secret door that leads to another door.  This new stone door is not locked or trapped, but is quite warm to the touch.  Dinsdale eases it open.  On the other side is a stone cavern.  Much of the floor of this cavern gives way to a huge lava pool.  A small stone peninsula stretches into the molten rock.  Namfoodle brushes past Dinsdale and runs onto the peninsula.  There, he stops before a stone portal.  He immediately drops his pack and searches through it.  In a moment, his hand withdraws, holding an oddly shaped stone.  His left hand runs across the surface of the portal frame.

The party senses something is afoot and they lunge for Namfoodle, but the crafty gnome manages to slip through their fingers as he deftly fits the stone into to the frame, activates the portal and dives through.  The adventurers pause for a moment to assess the situation and then follow their travelling companion through the portal.  On the other side, the party stands in stifling heat, and in a brass cage.  Around them, are the walls and furnishings of a grand throne room.  Namfoodle is already on his knees, head bowed.  He is addressing an 18-foot-tall humanoid creature with fiery skin, flames for hair and long pointed teeth.  The group concludes that this is an example of the legendary “efreet,” a race of magical and evil genie who are fabled to live on the elemental plane of fire.  This particular efreet bears all the hallmarks of royalty.  Namfoodle addresses the creature as “King Efrem” and offers the king a small gift.  King Efrem is not alone in the room.  There are also four black skinned dwarf-like men with fiery hair and great axes.  There are also three 10-foot-tall flaming salamander-like creatures that were apparently paying homage to the king when the party arrived.

One of the dwarves approaches Namfoodle, reaches through the bars of the cage and takes the offering.  He then hands it to the king, who raises it for inspection and in so doing, reveals that this is a metal ring of sorts.  The king steps before the imprisoned party and demand that they bring his son, “Eliz” back.  He tells the heroes they have three days to do so or the king’s forces will come after them and kill them.  Namfoodle offers himself as a “hostage.”  He instantly disappears from inside the cage and reappears next to the king.  Oriseus attempts to get more information from the king and is partly successful.  The king seems to learn that the party is not actually associated with Galap-Dreidel.  He holds Namfoodle up by his neck and tells Oriseus that he now has the means with which to pass through the portal to the prime material world, presumably to the portal located in the Inverness dungeons.  Oriseus joins the rest of the party on the other side of the portal.  They move back out through the map room and into the hallway where there are now four fiery elemental creatures.  The creatures, appearing to sense that the adventurers intend to pass, take a uniform defensive posture.  Battle ensues.

Oriseus and Arrakes use their magic creatively while the others pound on the elementals.  Eventually, the monsters are slain.  The party is badly wounded from the fight and much of their magic spent.  They hear a “zap” sound from down the hall and another fire creature rounds the distant corner and begins to close the distance.  The party realizes that there is some kind of summoning device around that corner and it is only a matter of time before another elemental is brought to bear against them.  They dispatch the newest monster and makes their way into a room that has a mysterious quasi-mechanical summoning device.  With great effort, the heroes destroy (or believe they have destroyed) the summoning device.  The session ends at 9:30 a.m., Friday, October 2, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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