Session #40 – Friday, October 2, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 9:30 a.m.

The party heals itself a little then takes a long rest.  Venturing further into the depths of the fire elemental halls, the heroes happen upon a door in the hallway wall.  The door has clearly been beaten in with a heavy blunt instrument but remains locked tight.  Unable to pick the lock, Dinsdale begins to slam the now decaying wood and ultimately, with the help of Dareus, the door is broken.  Inside the small room beyond, the party finds three skeletons, each wearing leather armor, died blue and embossed with the same symbol of the setting sun found on the bronze doors leading into the Inverness towers from the courtyard.  Dinsdale pockets a purple gem.  The rest of the chamber has already been ransacked.  The party moves to another door down the hallway.  Dinsdale is surprised when the door opens away from him of its own accord and he stands face to face with an ogre skeleton brandishing an enormous maul.  Battle ensues and the heroes are victorious.  The party comes to another room with huge rams’ heads mounted on opposing walls.  Dinsdale finds pressure plates in the floor and the adventurers are able to pass through without incident.  The door on the other side of the room is barred shut from inside.  Dareus moves the bar, but discovers immediately that the bronze door and bar are extremely hot, burning his skin.  The door is opened and a blast of scalding air hits the heroes.  Recovering from the blast, the heroes see that the hallway beyond extends for about 30 feet and then ends is a hot red glow.  The air before them is blurred by waves of hot gas.  The session ends at 6:15 p.m., Friday, October 2, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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