Session #42 – Saturday, October 3, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 9:00 a.m.

As the party leaves the map room, they hear a snippet of some conversation coming through the walls and realize that the diorama has some sort of magical component and that at one time, perhaps when it was fully functional, would have been used as a scrying device.  The heroes climb to the surface and find the courtyard empty of life.  Oriseus summons a hawk using a find familiar spell and leaves it at the surface to scout out for life.  Then, the adventures break into the last of the four towers.  The interior is painted with scenes of an infinite sky scape.  They descend a wrought iron staircase to the lower level.  Progressing deeper into the complex, they enter a room with a glowing glass globe of swirling mist.  Dinsdale grabs a nearby hammer and smashes the glass releasing a tornado that sweeps the heroes off their feet and begins to chop them up with flying glass shards.  Thinking quickly, Arrakes casts a dispel magic spell and the winds cease, releasing the adventurers and opening the door on the opposite wall.  Further in the dungeons, the party comes into a smaller room that seems to contain plans for building a flying ship.  The group scoops up the plans, notes, charts and books and places them in their “library of holding.”  Continuing on, they party comes to a curious room that seems to not be a room at all, but a void space of infinite sky.  There is a rope bridge spanning the openness to a wall with a niche on the other side.  The bridge looks fairly solid, but still potentially dangerous.  In the distance, there are a number of flying creatures.  There is no ceiling and no floor, just infinite blue sky with the occasional cloud.  Dareus and Dinsdale quickly make their way across.  All the while being assailed by odd flying creatures with four wings and painful rays of electricity emanating from their tails.  Oriseus casts an invisibility spell on the ailing Namfoodle and encourages the troubled gnome to cross.  In a state of near panic, Namfoodle manages to fall through a rotted floor board and off into the distance below with a faint scream.  Dinsdale finds a secret door behind him in the niche.  He opens the secret door.  Oriseus makes his way across the bridge as one of the bird-like creatures saws through a support rope with its razor sharp beak.  The weakened bridge is further damaged when Namfoodle falls from above at terminal velocity and slams through the floor boards near the spot where he fell through, screaming and waving his flaming hands.  Dareus is slammed with a huge electric ray that severs his left leg just below the knee.  He falls in a state of shock, managing to stay on the little ledge outside the secret door.  Dinsdale grabs his leg and positions it in place as Arrakes casts a heal spell to reattach it.  Dareus is still in shock as another wave of electric rays shoot from every direction and Dinsdale is hit.  Meanwhile, Arrakes is the only hero who has not yet crossed.  He ties a rope around his waist and Dinsdale ties the other end of the rope on the far side of the chasm.  Dinsdale and Oriseus grip the rope to give it greater grounding.  Arrakes starts to make his way across the bridge but pauses to send a healing spell out to Namfoodle, who wakes and begins screaming, “not again!”  One of the creatures slams into Arrakes and knocks him off the bridge.  The rope goes taut and Arrakes falls in an arc, slamming into the wall many feet below the niche, but not before he tries to grab the plummeting, now unconscious, Namfoodle to no avail.  Oriseus and Dinsdale urgently pull on the rope, hoping to bring Arrakes to the top.  Meanwhile, Arrakes is peppered with electric rays and watches as the few remaining support ropes are chewed in twain by the attacking creatures.  The bridge falls and Arrakes is able to avoid being hit as bridge remnants hit the wall next to him.  Then, in a scene that seemed almost to occur in slow motion, Arrakes looks up to see a massive ray of electric energy shooting in his direction.  However, just before impact, Arrakes’s vision goes dark and he reawakens in the hallway beyond the secret door behind the niche.  On his shoulder is a tiny red devil-like creature who smiles and says, “you are ok, yes?”  The creature then pops out of existence again.  Dareus leaps out into the void just as Namfoodle falls by again with the hope of grabbing him.  In time, Dareus is able to grab Namfoodle and position the two of them closer to the niche, still falling.  Oriseus casts a command spell on a surprisingly intelligent, 12 foot long bird creature.  He tells it to bring Namfoodle safely to the ledge.  It responds with a friendly, “Roger, roger!”  Namfoodle is saved.  Meanwhile, Dareus uses his monk skills to break his own fall, surviving his landing on the ledge.  The group quickly pulls back into the hallway and shuts the secret door in relative safety.  Knowing that they desperately need a long rest, the group nonetheless presses forward through the long hallway to see what is ahead.  The session ends with the discovery of another door in the hallway at 6:30 p.m., Saturday, October 3, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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