Session #43 – Saturday, October 3, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 6:30 p.m.

The heroes take a long rest in the hallway.  Afterwards, they move to the next doorway.  The door is locked and once Dinsdale attempts to open the door, two air elementals are summoned and attack.  The party kills the elementals and in the process of destroying the summoning runes placed on the door, they summon two more elementals, which they kill as well.  Inside the room beyond the door, they discover a blue silk pillow that appears to have the magical property of giving the benefit of a full rest during a short rest and also a brass oil lamp that radiates heavy magic.  Namfoodle goes to buff Dinsdale’s fingerprints off the lamp.  The party yells “no!” in unison and Dinsdale grabs the lamp and puts it in the bag of holding.  In the next room the party finds a strange sort of brazier that, instead of flames, emits a blue colored gas, blowing up from the basin.  The artificial wind is strong enough to suspend a small model of a wooden ship.  On the side of the basin is a button.  The adventurers press the button and the winds cease, dropping the model into the bottom of the basin.  Switching the air back on, the model is again raised and suspended.  On a table near the basin lie a number of odds and ends, each appearing to be potential add-ons to the model and each representing some form of automated locomotion apparatus.  The party adds all of the pieces to the model and place the model back in the brazier’s artificial winds.  The model is now too heavy and falls to the bottom of the basin, even with the wind blowing.  Dareus pulls out the airship schematics he had taken from a prior room.  When Dareus adjusts the model pieces to match the plans and then places the model in the brazier updraft, the brazier turns itself off.  The model, however, now supports itself in the air.  In the base of the brazier, the heroes discover a bluish colored stone with strange wind currents swirling around it.  The group takes the wind covered rock to the Air Gate and places it into the last open hole on the stone slab.  This appears to activate a mechanism that begins to raise the stone slab.

Beyond, the crew finds a square room tiled with polished white stone.  There is now an open door in the middle of each wall.  The adventurers enter the room and discover a strange panel of buttons, dials, gears and clock faces.  Dinsdale pushes buttons and turns knobs until a beam of light appears in the center of the room, emanating from an aperture in the ceiling.  The heroes step into the beam and are swiftly carried upwards many floors to a circular room, made entirely from a seamless glossy white material.  Near the wall in one direction is a 6 foot wide translucent green sphere.  Inside, there is a white ball of light.  A simple wooden chair sits right next to the sphere, facing the white light.  On the chair is seated an old man in a black robe with long, faintly grey colored hair and beard.  The figure immediately stands and turns to face the party.  The figure speaks, greeting the party and thanks them for “freeing” him.  He says that “I am speaking through” this man so that the party can understand.  The man says that he is from another dimension and now that his multidimensional state has coalesced into a singular dimensional stasis, he will be returning home.  He says that as a gift for freeing him, he wishes to give the adventurers a message of warning.  The white color of the surrounding walls fades and in its place is a vision of four great powers (one child dressed in white skirts; one charismatic warrior with a red beard and gleaming armor; one weasel-like man in a dimly lit room talking to a bald man; and one shadow shrouded creature with massive horns and giant bat wings) on opposite sides of each other sending massive armies into a great conflict.  The death and carnage are unfathomable.  The party is overwhelmed by the atrocity of the vision and they lose consciousness.  What could be moments, hours or days later, the heroes awaken, feeling as though they have had some form of awakening.  (Each PC receives a permanent +2 bonus to their Wisdom scores.)  The man appears not to have moved.  He speaks again, explaining that the multiple dimensions co-exist in the same space and that the events occurring in one will unavoidably effect the other.  He tells the group that they will have an impact on the events of the Old Empires and implores them to seek to spread peace and harmony among the lands.  He says that he would himself simply neutralize the armies, but that he is “forbidden” from doing so.  He tells them that it is time for him to return home.  With that, the man collapses in a motionless heap and the green sphere begins to move toward the group.  The room spins and the heroes fight to retain their consciousness.  With his awareness fading, Oriseus reaches out with his mind and in an instant explains his fading faith in Tchazzar, his need for a new patron and his hope that the being would consider this.  He feels a slight opening in his mind then all falls dark.  A moment later, only Arrakes is still awake.  He has a fleeting opportunity to ask the orb of light one final question.  He asks, “how do you cage a devil?”  The light response with a voice in Arrakes’s mind, saying “with that kind, it is best to beat them at their own game.”  The party lies motionless.

At some future time, the adventures awaken outside, lying on their backs, at the base of a glowing tower, watching the top floor sever itself from the stone and fly into the stars.  The glowing tower fades and the stone-filled Inverness courtyard rests silently under the night sky.  The session ends at 2:00 a.m., Wednesday, October 7, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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