Session #45 – Wednesday, October 7, 1372 (DR) Third Age, 11:30 a.m.

Lieutenant Durk Urtaro and Kay Zorita arrive at the boathouse just as the last living lizardman is captured for interrogation.  The group detects a form of charm spell on the humanoid and dispels it.  It seems that the lizardman wakes up from a bad dream.  He tells the group that he has nothing against them, but that he was being controlled.  The creature reveals that his tribe is under the spell of a huge black dragon known as “Onyx.”  He says there are a dozen more tribes under the same spell.  He describes Onyx as an evil aggressor that has subjugated all in the swampy jungles and is using her newfound army to expand her territory.  He identifies himself as Torshorak and the leader of his clan as Artha.  Artha seems to be an aged shaman of sorts.  In the end, Torshorak agrees to help the humans if they seek to free his kin.  Durk and Kay take Torshorak back to the brig.  The others set off for the fish market to speak with Lisa.  Upon their arrival, they interrogate Lisa and find out that she was romantically involved with Hayes Oldenburg’s nephew, named Jobert.  It turns out that it was Jobert that had beaten Lisa.  Lisa was good friends with Balian and her feet were too small to fit the mold.  The group goes to see Jobert, who admits to having hit Lisa after she refused to sever her relationship with Lobee Zethaya to marry him.  Oddly, Lisa sought to protect Jobert by making a false allegation against Lobee.  The group leaves his house, their leads now having grown cold.  The party decides to get some rest and heads over to the Golden Eel Inn.  There, they find a young girl who was friends with Balian.  She tells the party that Balian had some friends by the names of Rink, Mauton and Fynolt.  But, she says, none of them could have done anything like murder.  The group moves from the inn to Murky Ale Tavern.  After some drinks and carousing, the group goes back to the inn for a good night’s sleep.  During the night, Oriseus is visited by a spirit appearing as a soldier wearing plate make and carrying a halberd.  The apparition gives Oriseus a small, ghostlike bottle and says, “you will need this where you are going.”  Oriseus studies the tiny bottle and casts a detect magic spell.  He concludes that this is an empty lich phylactery.  He puts it in his pack.  In the morning, the group stops off at the Shrine of Helm.  There, they find the body of Balian.  Arrakes casts a spell of speak with the dead.  He asks who killed him and the boy sits up and points at Cady Valin, Priestess of Helm.  A shocked Hayes places her in custody and escorts her back to the barracks – but not before she explains that she had to sacrifice the innocent soul in order to honor her contract with the paladin of Helm, Gesen Reckart.  She hands Arrakes a contract signed by her and Gesen Reckart in which in exchange for the soul, Gesen agrees to produce the great Arrakes Delmirev to save the city of Gafna.  Arrakes is disgusted and curses Eyore’s name, believing him to be behind the atrocity.  The group returns to the inn so that they can investigate the magic lamp.  Dareus rubs the lamp and releases a genie who introduces herself as Shadru.  She indicates that she can offer the group one wish, but asks that they use the wish free her from the lamp’s imprisonment of her.  Deliberation ensues and ultimately, Dareus uses the wish to free Shadru.  She disappears in a puff.  The session ends at 10:00 a.m., Thursday, October 8, 1372 (DR) Third Age.

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